Daniel Obasi Probes The Past And Present Igbo Culture For New Short Film

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Daniel Obasi

Nigerian creative, Daniel Obasi is known for pushing the envelope in the creative scene, as he thoughtfully brings to light social issues in a yet engaging way.

The artist, following his last short film, Alien In Town, which he teamed up with Vlisco&co, just released Udara, a film that explores past and present Igbo culture.

Along with photographer Yagazie Emezi, his latest edition highlighting Eastern Nigeria presents a unified visual narrative exploring the old and new traditions of Igbo culture and its connection with Vlisco wax.

Daniel Obasi Daniel Obasi

Obasi’s short film, Udara, is a spiritual experimental fantasy that pays homage to Igbo culture’s complex diversity through its symbolism, music, traditional beliefs, and the tension between Christianity and traditional religion that’s ever-present in Igbo communities. The film is deliberately timeless, drawing inspiration from the past and present in hopes to expand the perspective of what is possible with Igbo culture.

Daniel Obasi Daniel Obasi Daniel Obasi

The synopsis continues:

After the loss of a dear one, two girls take a trip back to their hometown in an attempt to connect with the past. Ada is constantly haunted by dreams of herself in a different lifetime, [while] Nne, her sister, tries to guide and console her. Agu and Eze both stand on opposing ends of the conversation of religion. Agu [is] a crusader for tradition but is somehow still a church goer and Eze is stuck between proving himself traditionally as an Igbo man or following his father’s dreams to become a church priest. Ironically, Agu and Ada (both strangers) are caught up in the same mystical dream from a lifetime ago until they run into each other.

In Udara, Obasi also explores the concept of ilo uwa, or reincarnation—”the belief that someone can be re-born in another lifetime.”

As part of Daniel’s portfolio, he recently styled an editorial shot by Ruth Ossai for Miu Miu

Photography Credits: Vlisco&Co


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