Candor Meets Conviction On DAP The Contract’s ‘I’m Glad You Made It This Far’

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US-based Nigerian singer and rapper, DAP The Contract has been on a journey to the peak of expressive greatness, steadily sharing a string of projects, loud and passionate enough to highlight his path in music. This year, however, following his 2020 regency run on Powers, Vol. 1, he reaches a notable point, appraising his experience as a survivor of several challenges on eponymously titled, I’m Glad I Made It This Far, a marvel of raw and breezy but hard-hitting pop layered over his signature impeccable production.

Led by the lead single, Why Would I Lie, the intersectionality of emotions, classic pop tinged with bits of trap, honesty, and realism, the four-track I’m Glad You Made It This Far shows off DAP’s aesthetic, even in his most emotional sodden moments, he dances between singing and rapping as he tells his tale of woes all of which travel with the speed of light fueled by his bass dominant sound.

From the intro, Why Would I Lie to the joe bruce assisted 45, a highly personal narrative reflective of his journey so far and how he’s dealt, to the galvanic closer, No Talkin’ featuring Toneraps and Player Tu, I’m Glad You Made It This Far reads like a true appraisal, raw, personal, honest and emotive, features one can’t separate from the dynamic rapper.