Dara Blaxx’s Immersive Debut EP ‘Arrhythmia’ Is An Emotional Open-Heart Surgery

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With her unique, rich, and soulful voice and compelling lyrics, British Nigerian singer and songwriter, Dara Blaxx has carved a niche for herself founded on her love for writing on shared human experiences like love and relationships as well as social issues. She is emerging with a sound that pulls from various influences, to create something that is hers; a swirling mix of tales of love, hurt, and life in general, capturing ears with her RnB and Soul sounds. This month, her hearty tales find a home in Arrhythmiaa six-track ode to life and love she summarizes as an emotional open-heart surgery.

Released on a foundation set by the EP’s lead singles, Sail Away and All Mine, both of which are unmistakable love tales, Arrhythmia is a diversification. It is a collection of songs that explore the various emotions experienced over the course of a less than perfect relationship, represented metaphorically by the heart. From doubt to confusion and hurt, we find Blaxx navigating and questioning the emotional ups and downs of relationships, taking us all the way through and powered by palpable confidence that shines through her delivery.

On its creation, Blaxx said: “Half the songs weren’t written from the perspective of a romantic relationship. I think we can experience very strong emotions in any type of relationship. I took inspiration from issues in friendships and relationships alike and delved into that to tell a story of what the heart can go through.”

More than anything, her inspiration references reality, a theme that is the perfect motif for a debut. Weaving all these together including the thumping trap-soul and RnB instrumentals, strong vocals, and catchy hooks, Blaxx, ensures Arrhythmia leaves her listeners both stunned and in awe.


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