DaRe Kasali, Mojo And Prettyboy D-O Offer A Rhythmic Perspective On Isolation With ‘Isolate’

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Isolation, quarantine, and lockdown among other hot subjects and their synonyms are fast becoming sources of inspiration and a tool for Nigerian musicians to easily reach their fans these days. While we’ve witnessed a number of similar takes on these subjects, Dare Kasali and his menacing band of Mojo and Prettyboy D-O offer a different and fresher perspective on their new release Isolation.

DaRe coordinates the compatible duo with a springy bass-led instrumental leaving the alluring delivery to D-O and Mojo. Mojo leads the group with an opener that will get you on your feet with stimulating and of course, relatable lyrics heightened by the quotable “Wan-ni ka isolate, stay your house, dey your dey“. Prettyboy’s fast-paced methodic delivery, while different from Mojo’s, is also geared towards sensitizing and rousing his listeners.

Photo credits: @sabr.art/@___tse 


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