Nollywood’s Greatness is a Process And We Need to Trust It

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millennialz podcast about the ojukokoro movie with dare olaitan and niyi olaitan producers and directors

In the wake of Black Panther, comedian, AY Makun recently took to Twitter to ask if Nollywood could make it to that level soon. While the answer is probably in the negative, Nollywood has improved immensely over the last couple of years and we continue to see so with the products of the likes of Ndani TV and Ebony Life. It’s important to remember that becoming great is a process and we must trust it, thus far, Nollywood is on course. Proof of the process working is the fact that movies by Nigerians in Nigeria are making it to Cannes, one of the world’s most prestigious film festivals. Further proof is that we now see Nigerian movies enjoying premieres in foreign lands as Dare Olaitan’s Ojukokoro shall in April in New York City.

Nollywood 3.0: Images and Stories from The African Diaspora, an event by KJM3 Entertainment takes on the lofty task of breaking Africa’s finest filmmakers in the diaspora in April this year. Alongside Ojukokoro, Oblivion and The Encounter by Ekene Som Mekwunye as well as Akin Omotoso’s Tell Me Something shall also enjoy a premiere at the event in New York.

Speaking on the feat very few other directors can achieve with their first film, Olaitan argues that Nigerian filmmakers can compete and touts New York as the opportunity to show off the talent. He said

We can produce films that entertain international and domestic audiences and NY is our chance to show that

Nollywood reaching the heights we desire is a process and we need to continue to trust it.

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