Darvey Rucci Is Daring, Assertive And Charming On Debut Single ‘Down For You’

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Musical debuts are usually cautious take on familiar subjects that help musicians jumpstart their careers with fanfare and adulation following their initial releases. For Darvey Rucci, however, with a neophyte musical career prefaced by stints as a content creator and entrepreneur, cautiousness is not the way to go, which is why his debut, Down For You, is a daring Trap infused Afropop cut that finds him going to lengths with experimentalism.

With a succinct description of his sound as a mix of Afro-fusion, which already covers a lot, pop, RnB, and lifestyle, the procession and layering of distinct and different sounds, on the Kraq-produced single does not come as a surprise. While his uniqueness is constrained to his exploration of different sounds, storywise, he treads cautiously, professing his feelings for his muse in a way that’s both relatable and enjoyable.

Darvey Rucci has an EP on the way and with Down For You leading the way, he’s sure to have an acceptable following before its release.

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