David Meli and Minz Come Together For Afro-Pop Offering Titled The One

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Listen to David Meli team up with Minz on The One

David Meli first made an appearance on the underground scene in 2016 with a track titled Composure. It was his subsequent effort,  a rap track tagged Novicehowever, which marked his real advent and served as an instrumental release for an unknown musician trying to gain a necessary cult following. His storytelling oozed a maturity beyond that of his musical peers and Meli intelligently surrounded himself with figures that compliment his sound in Aaron, Caleb T and S Bling as he rests on the brink of what looks to become a worthwhile journey with persistency and quality-control at the heart. On his first single of 2017, David Meli calls on fledging afro-pop act, Minz for an offering tagged, The One, ahead of what Meli indicates shall be an active summer.

In line with a sizeable amount of his previous material, 20 year old Meli’s subject matter on The One is his quest for companionship. With this track, Meli sounds like he and the partner in question have transcended cooking ways to outdo each other as we come to believe is the case from the Novice Remix with Falz, to a stage where they have slowly begun to understand that they possess mutual feelings for one another and are choosing to act on their inklings.

No matter how hard you try to deny it, love always wins and Meli taps into his background as a drummer as well as employs xylophones, bass guitars, keyboards and flutes to get the message across.

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