Watch Davido and Chris Brown’s ‘Blow My Mind’ Video

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Watch Davido and Chris Brown's 'Blow My Mind' Video

Following an extended hiatus from dropping music, Davido returned last week with Blow My Mind with Chris Brown and produced by Shizzi.

The record which saw Davido go down the R&B road has thrust him back into the consciousness of listeners. Opening with an interesting verse that sets the tone for the rest of the track, Davido shows off his vocal range while alerting Marie Duponcy who plays his love interest of his unending commitment to her. He quickly ushers in Chris Brown who takes the same stance letting Amber Diamond know he worships her.

The video, directed by Edgar Esteves, is set at a motel at night and its mood helps to hammer home the rhetoric of two men, dreamily in love and ready to do anything to please their significant others.

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