Daviestherocket Makes Sonic Magic With Na-Ku On His Debut ‘Out Your Mouth’

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Debut projects usually take a serious tone with the artist oftentimes found channeling huge amounts of passion to come off as novel and unique, however, on his official singing debut, Out Your Mouth, eclectic producer, Daviestherocket teams up with contemporary, Na-Ku and, the compatible duo combine their individual strengths to create a vibe that’s a mix of spaciness and earthiness.

The duo’s synchronicity is one impressive feature that aids the heightening of emotions. Although Out Your Mouth, is their first collaboration, their chemistry is noticeable and this fosters Na-Ku’s ability to perfectly maneuver the instrumentals.

Though individualistic, their performance together affords their listeners an enjoyable experience coupled with slinky words like “what you sayin’ with it? I like the way you sayin’ it, oh, if you was just playin’ wit it the”. All of these purposeful elements and infectious melody draws listeners in and holds them captive.

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