Davina Oriakhi Unveils ‘F.S.L.S’ Music Video

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London-based British Nigerian singer, songwriter and poet, Davina Oriakhi, releases her exciting new music video for her soulful hip-hop single, F.S.L.S. It is an acronym for Find Self Love Self, the second single from Davina Oriakhi’s debut album Love To A Mortal. It follows her well-received lead single Silence (Father Have Mercy) and her AfroFusion track, Juju.

The video begins with ever romantic shot of an ideal “lovers bridge.” The camera movements and colors give an even more attractive vibe to the song’s story. Her fun and carefree personality is captured in the video. The vibrant and colorful summer theme adds more depth to the concept.

Davina explains that F.S.L.S is a catchy offering about self-discovery, self-acceptance and the journey to self-love.

“It’s different from being cocky, it’s about knowing and loving yourself enough to love someone else the right way … The video is my own cute edgy way of showing someone spend time with oneself – which is a very important thing to do”.

Watch the video below.

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