Davina Oriakhi’s FSLS Is Just The Follow-Up She Needed

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Davina Oriakhi made a much needed return to the world of individual releases with her April return, Silence (Father Have Mercy), the initial single off her upcoming debut LP titled Love to Mortal. Oriakhi now shows she her time away was shown working on the material as she follows up with a befitting track titled Find Self Love Self that speaks to developing oneself, something any and everyone can relate to.

Oriakhi’s two singles thus far have been well calculated moves that definitely have us and her listeners waiting for her next move and it doesn’t look like she’s on her way to missing a step. On FSLS which we believe everyone should relate with, Oriakhi teams up with Albanian born and London raised Producer and Pianist, Gabriel Ryder whose influences we hear alongside cymbals which serve in the background of Oriakhi’s vocals.

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