Derek Saucer Employs Love As His Major Tool Of Expression On ‘Afro Sauce’

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A reflection of his environment and upbringing, Nigerian-born Afro-pop and trap singer, Derek Saucer has always been a music enthusiast from his childhood. His self-discovery search brought on by a passion for music kickstarted his musical journey which he officially began in 2017 by way of two debut singles, Desire and Dreams, two odes to his come-up, heavily centered around how music became a getaway route for him.  In 2018, he reinforced his presence with Run For Love which on one hand, introduced us to Derek Saucer the love optimist. He followed this with Feels on which the versatile Derek Saucer with an eye on the prize for trap royalty, made his debut. Based on this trajectory, Derek Saucer does not think it is far-fetched to deem him the future of Afro-pop and trap music in Nigeria, and singles like I’m Shy, speak to this. Following the general acceptance of I’m Shy, Derek Saucer’s new focus is on expressing love and emotion with infectious melodies in a way that is both fun and captivating, Afro Sauce, his six-track latest, is his answer to this.

On the EP, Derek Saucer proves yet again that he understands music so much that it has become his love language and, he flexes his songwriting skill in conjunction with producers who have gleaned this in six songs that span love as a subject.

Afro Sauce is rife with live instruments, employed in a bid to give life in earthy forms to his narratives and to make sure his lyrics are immersive.

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