Devilsdorp: Showmax’s First True-Crime Docuseries Proves Truth is Stranger than Fiction

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Showmax has released the trailer for Devilsdorp, its first true-crime docuseries.

The series is based on the shocking real-life Krugersdorp Killings, also known as the Appointment Murders and the Satanic Murders.

Directed by David Enright, the show takes viewers into the twisted story of a killing spree that rocked the town of Krugersdorp, Gauteng province in South Africa in 2016.

Between 2012 and 2016, 11 people were murdered by the Electus per Deus (Chosen by God), a cult led by Cecilia Steyn, leaving the salespeople and consultants scared to book meetings in case they were next.

Truth is stranger than fiction in Devilsdorp, Showmax’s first true-crime docuseries

According to the director, This is the story of the events that rocked an entire community and forever changed the lives of those involved, especially the families of the victims. What started as a group of devout Christians trying to help a former satanist escape the satanic church ended in a murderous spree involving a killer mom, her two children, and a cult with more victims than members. It may all sound too far-fetched to be believed, except it really happened — just down the road from us.”

The four-episode series, which required an 18-month research process, features first-hand accounts from the investigators, and exclusive interviews with church members who knew the killers, family and friends of victims.

Produced by IdeaCandy, the docuseries also has extraordinary footage of exorcisms, church meetings, trial testimonies and judgments. The series is narrated by Netwerk24 journalist Jana Marx, author of The Krugersdorp Cult Killings: Inside Cecilia’s Steyn’s Reign of Terror.

“You may think you know this story,” says IdeaCandy producer Wim Steyn. “But you don’t. This is one of those stories where things are seldom as they seem, and where the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Devilsdorp is available for streaming on 29 July 2021.

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