Discover Free Ackrite, The Inglewood Rapper With a Snarling-Delivery

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Better known by his stage name Free Ackrite, Kanacio Martin Jr. is an American record producer, songwriter and rapper who rose to prominence in early 2015 under the influences of critically acclaimed artists such as 50 Cent, Lil Boosie, 2Pac, Lil Wayne and Juvenile from whom he honed his unique style of rap that has garnered him local respect in Inglewood, California, through mainstream success.

Ackrite’s music as evidenced in previously released singles like My Dawgz is equal parts smooth and sinister. With a snarling delivery and penchant for gripping narratives, the Inglewood rapper combines funky basslines and galvanic percussion with ease. This combination makes for a catalog best enjoyed on a long drive through the summer night.

Last week, he announced his debut album, in what served as a pacesetter to his comeback. The highly anticipated project titled The Streets Been Waitin’ 4 Me is slated for an August 2020 release.

To accompany the announcement, he also teased a new video for one of its lead singles, B4 Rap, on his Instagram story, building anticipation for the release in one swoop.

Ackrite is returning to where it all started and considering the length of his hiatus, evolution is expected on the new project.

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