DJ Obi Releases Debut Single Featuring CDQ ‘Kpata Kpata’

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In recent times, Nigerian artistes emboldened by the evolution of our music industry have become open to experimentation and diversification. While Disc Jockeys branching out to music-making is not a relatively new phenomenon, industrial advancement has prompted more of them like DJ Obi to invest in it.

It’s no surprise that the relentless DJ has decided to end the year strong by not only activating holiday vibes and generating excitement to dance floors but now wearing another hat by teaming up with CDQ for his Jay Pizzle-produced music debut, Kpata Kpata.

On the pulsating and instrumental driven track, released in time to set the ball rolling on holiday festivities, DJ Obi lets CDQ, who can be heard chanting ‘Kpata Kpata’ which translates to ‘completely’ take charge and in return gets to usher in the right party vibes.

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