DJ Rocket, Prettyboy D-O And Wani Team Up On ‘Late Night Ting’

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Earlier this year, Prettyboy D-O collaborated with Wani on Mentally, a standout track off his sophomore album, Wildfire. Recognizing the profitability and easiness of their synergy, DJ Rocket enlists the duo on Late Night Ting, along with Dare Kasali.

DJ Rocket capitalizes on the individual strengths of these megastar crooners, Wani, whose lush vocals are capable of setting off emotions, Prettyboy D-O with his rugged swagger, and DaRe Kasali whose instrumental dexterity is the reason Late Night Ting is a feel-good song. The trio is behind some of the defining sounds of alternative Afropop and their delivery on Late Night Ting, a song about the ripple effect of midnight booty calls, is proof of this.

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