DJ Sean K Makes A Tuneful Comeback On Oxlade Powered ‘Ifeoma’

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Last time we heard from DJ Sean K, he had a different story to tell and a different mouthpiece to help with the sonic articulation of this story titled Jollof; this was in 2019, he’s back now and while the structure of the industry has not changed so much, his sound has evolved. On his latest, Ifeoma, he ditches the clustered Afropop sound for a calmer one emitting just as much energy, allowing for easier passage of his narrative and a noise-free environment for listeners to immerse themselves in the single.

Powered by Oxlade, one of the industry’s special things at the moment, Ifeoma is patterned after the singer’s signature tempo and melody: pipe-y percussions and rhythmic snares bridged by harmonies and modulations that appraise the quality of his vocals.

A partnership with Oxlade is a surefire way for DJ Sean K to make a welcome re-entry and with a single like Ifeoma, he gives his growth credibility.

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