DJ Tunez Heralds Upcoming EP With Swirling Percussions On Siki-Assisted ‘Turn Me On’

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At the core of DJ Tunez’s masterful handling of experimental but elite Afrobeat hybrids is his penchant for rousing innate feels which is evidenced in the textured and tangible spirit embedded in each of these songs through the performing artist. In the past, we’ve been privy to the energy he’s inspired and brought on on singles like Gbese and Causing Trouble, now this month, as he nears the release of his highly anticipated EP, Love Language Vol. 1, he settles comfortably in this niche he’s created for himself and his listeners. He heralds the project with Turn Me On, a Bluesy Afrobeat hybrid that collects on every element of his evolution over the past couple of years.

Powered by Siki and with an assist from now frequent collaborator, D3an, DJ Tunez lures his listeners into a swirling dimension that encompasses the rising cadence of his mix of shaking and bass leaning percussions, psychedelic lyrics and a come hither ambiance that’s impossible to miss from start to finish.