DJ Tunez And Wizkid Reprise Their Label As A Tag Team On ‘Cool Me Down’

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Wizkid and DJ Tunez are more than the tag ‘frequent collaborators’ now, they are more of a poster duo for DJ/Artist creatives in the industry. Coming off the back of several formidable hits, including Gbese which has been treated to numerous covers, they find their way back to each other on Cool Me Down, an altered Afrobeat track complete with the makings of mind trapping elements evidenced in the spirituality of Wizkid’s lyrics.

More magnetic than the dynamic duo’s synergy is the perfect synchronization of Wizkid’s sensual and refreshing narrative with the EDM tinged Afrobeat sound that DJ Tunez recently adopted.

The duo has another hit on their hands and with their recently released projects foreshadowing Cool Me Down, they’re guaranteed a near lifetime on relevant charts and playlists this season.