Listen To DJ Voyst’s Sweeping Amapiano Take On Skylolo And Buju’s ‘Body’

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DJ Voyst’s ability to assemble the most befitting talents on his eclectic covers to hit songs, is one feature that has pushed him to the surface, a move he milks this week with a sprightly take on Skylolo and Buju‘s earlier released Body.

Powered with the makings of a hit likely to be the final nudge to mainstream for DJ Voyst, his choice of and indigenous rapper Skylolo followed by his Kashbeat produced Amapiano twist on the remix makes for a unique African music fusion.

Afrohouse which is a mixture of traditional African sound and house music is a sub-genre of Afrobeat predominantly in South Africa. It however has begun to make tremendous waves in mainstream Nigerian music today and by riding on this wave, DJ Voyst seals his fate in the industry coupled with an engaging dance inspiration for his listeners.

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