DJ Yin & BankyOnDBeatz Prove They Are A Force To Be Reckoned With, Yet Again

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DJ Yin and BankyOnDBeatz first ever collaboration came on Heart Desire off BankyOnDBeatz’s female-studded project, Fuego Senoras which dropped at the start of this year. The duo then reunited on DJ Yin’s debut single, What You Started and also played a part on Santi’s Beat It Up. On their three collaborations, the duo have proven themselves to be in touch with each other’s sounds with BankyOnDBeatz’s production complimenting DJ Yin’s vocals perfectly on each effort. Their latest release is an I Wanna Love You cover as they make an effort at honoring the world’s greatest Reggae act, Bob Marley on the 36th anniversary of his passing.

On this effort, BankyOnDBeatz strips most of the original beat while DJ Yin comes in with two verses on an experimental track that hits the bullseye reminding all that DJ Yin and BankyOnDBeatz just might be a match made in heaven.


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