DK Otid And Obisky Unite Again On New Single ‘Badboy Love’

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The more one digs into the underground music scene, especially in Lagos, the more extraordinary talents are uncovered. These artists open up our ears and minds to incredible new sounds that form the bedrock of Afrobeat and Afropop’s expansive soundscape. DK Otid and Obisky are artists that fit this description. The independent artists that can be sometimes mistaken for a duo, because of their innumerable collaborations over the years have mastered the art of fusing their sound and production skills to birth incredible songs. On their latest, Badboy Love, they show this off.

On Badboy Love, the duo wastes no time in flexing their individual strengths, DK Otid immediately jumps on the airy synths with a loose but engaging verse that matches Haskin’s crisp tempo-setting. Obisky uses his voice more as an instrument than an opportunity, gliding over the already smooth instrumental, effortlessly.

Badboy Love is a tasty track that not only spotlights their dynamism but also takes you through a tale of young men drifting through life, in search of love and grit.

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