DNA prove their musical versatility on ‘Ayo’ and ‘Star’

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Musical talent shows are one of the biggest source pools for music talents in the world and one thing that’s sure with them is that they tend to yield Stars. Another is the likelihood of these ‘stars’ to opt against pursuing careers in music or do so and fail. Budding musical geniuses and fan favorites, DNA, from the first season of The Voice Nigeria are a group seeking to fulfill the mission of the former.

Following the release of Sinnerman, the duo returns this month with a double drop in Star and Ayo in which they project their ability to play and experiment with sounds that rule both the mainstream and alternative scenes in the Nigerian music Industry.

In Ayo; the more upbeat and bass saturated track of the two, they harmonize and deliver individual verses over a vibrant pulsating soundscape made up of vintage and contemporary Afrobeat. On Star they take a calmer and Dancehall infused route; an ode to women that have them smitten.

While both tracks draw strength from elements of Afrobeat, DNA prove their musical strength by experimenting with the common genre, fusing it with other improvised and well-known genres.

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