dndSection Explores His Conception of Love on ‘Blemish’

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Love means many different things to different people and that’s evident in how it shows through actions and the like. For Blemish., dndSection’s follow-up to Georgia Peaches, he focuses on what love means to him as he goes shows his another angle of his repertoire.
Speaking to Culture Custodian ahead of the release, dndSection went in on the idea of blemishes. He said:
We all have our temptations that tend to leave a blemish on ones self. How we act on these blemishes is what defines us as individual beings. However our blemishes are checkpoints in life that remind us of our temptations we chose to act on and the ones we chose not to. This is my blemish.
He further explained that the single represents what he identifies love as. Clearly a stickler for love, dndSection regards it as an emotion that isn’t easily reached. He closed saying:
We all want the feeling of love even if we know the person we are receiving it from may not be the the best for us. Almost like a drug we know what it may do to us but the quest for that high is addictive.
Blemish comes ahead of upcoming joint releases from the Traplanta Army in the next few weeks.


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