dndSection Is Perceptive And Buoyant On Maradona-Assisted ‘Red Eyes’

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A couple of months ago, dndSection was on what rappers ascribe their brittleness to, his “worst behavior” on rhyme and rhythm fest Remix, a bouncy take on his lifestyle. Over the years, the Atlanta-based Nigerian rapper has adopted this acclaimed edgy approach to his delivery and he carries it with him into the summer months on the just-released Maradona-assisted Red Eyes.

Summer is the best time of the year to let loose and run wild and free with pent-up desires. It’s also the time when Hip-hop bubbles to the surface in various colorful ways, making it easy for rappers to put their introspection to words. Over GMK’s upbeat bass-driven instrumental, layered with heady synths and seasoned with Maradona’s Afrobeat and dancehall inflections, dndsection makes the most of this phenomenon, bringing out his enthusiastic side using elements of psychedelia that makes his dreams blend with the bubbliness of summer months.

Red Eyes, with its twisty chorus and telling night-about-town-inspired video, might not be the average dndSection, but it’s a testament to evolution and a source of anticipation.

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