Donald Duke Is Eloquent on Why Buhari Should Go

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Donald Duke Is Eloquent on Why Buhari Should Go

Former Cross River State Governor Donald Duke justified his bid for the Presidency by highlighting the many failings of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, a government he said is disconnected from reality.

“They were not prepared for leadership. For example, it took six months to set up a cabinet. Where do you hear such? President Buhari came into office to fight corruption and insecurity” Duke said during an interview with German media platform, DW Africa.

Speaking on why Buhari needs to go, Duke says “Because I see such obvious failings. I see a leadership that is steeped in the past; that has refused to evolve with a nation that is predominantly a nation of young aspiring people and still doing things the way they were done many years ago and did not work.”

Duke also faulted the government’s economic shortcomings suggesting that better credit must be developed by decreasing the interest rates.

“Nigeria grew faster when we had regulation on interest rates; when the interest rates were in single digits. Secondly, we have to grow the economy at 15 per cent for 10 years to recalibrate the system.


Nigeria ought to be a $2.5tn economy and not a $400bn economy.”

Watch the full interview below.