Donate Generously And Be Part of History in Creating This Indigenous 3D Animated Movie

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First of all, watch this.

Tell me that was not amazing. What you just watched is a 3D animated short African film titled Dawn Of Thunder. It is the story of Sango, the famed god of thunder with lightning running through his veins and fire in his mouth. Komotion studios with a team of 7 is responsible for this revolutionary Nigerian narrative.

“A few weeks after its been released, we garnered over 800 thousand views and multitude of shares on major platforms, blogs and forums. We did that alone without any form of digital marketing. Now we want you to join us to make history as we create the first truly African 3d animated movie from West Africa for a global audience.”

With a micro budget, a lot of support, hard-work, passion and collaboration alone, Komotion Studios pulled off the short film. With the positive feedback and requests for more, they have decided to produce a movie. Yes, they are that crazy.

“While the production of high quality animated content is pretty expensive, we have developed a system that cuts production time and in turn cost while preserving the quality of our content. We have decided to execute the project in 2 phases and we want everyone to come on this journey with us.”

However, due to lack of the much needed tangible support for the project, we have all been beckoned upon to support through crowdfunding. Just 10,000 (ten thousand) Nigerians donating $10 (ten dollars, or N3800) each will bring this project to life. This is much more than what is within the bounds of possibility for us all. Let’s all come together and to this for Nigeria, for Africa and for the world.

Donate here.

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