Don’t Take Inspiration From A Leader Unless They Exhibit These 3 Virtues

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It’s important to have role models or even heroes in life, those people we can look up to at the forefront of a movement or innovation. Perhaps we would like to emulate their success, sure, but it’s much more important to emulate their character, or, more realistically, learn from them. This can inspire us to be better people, to stick by our principles, and to take risks or be brave where it counts.

For instance, while the civil rights movement has been contributed to by millions of people and voices all standing in solidarity, there are certainly examples we can all look up to from history, those names that we need not even mention here thanks to them being core components of our culture. These were extraordinary people, yes, but they were extraordinary in their humanity and the fact that they were willing to sacrifice their today in search of a better tomorrow.

There are many people you could take inspiration from in life, and it’s easy to do so if someone is ahead of you, more successful, or perhaps better at presenting themselves. In order to avoid idolizing people who are simply good at marketing and nothing else – we’d recommend always searching for these virtues in people you look up to:


Visionary Thinking

It’s very easy for leaders to think about what might suit them or their company, but true visionary thinking allows for the solving of problems. As they say, great people plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in. Solving the problems of tomorrow, or using our experience today to inform our future action, can help us live correctly and with discipline. It’s good to be inspired by people who took that hard path willingly.

Ethical Character

Ethical character is a great thing to emulate or take inspiration from. Adrian Jones, for instance, might be a great example of this, as he takes strength and inspiration from his team, taking the time to celebrate their successes and sharing in the credit, always. People worth paying attention to often do their best to highlight those who have aided them, or who they gain inspiration from. This means that no matter what industry you’re inspired by, the same ethical characteristics are worth paying attention to.

A Mind For The Consequences

Of course, any leader has to make tough decisions and sometimes, take a risky approach. What separates a cold-blooded leader from someone fully in tune with their decisions and how they develop is a mind for the consequences. Not all leaders have this, but it can really help set apart a leader depending on what their values are and who they effect. This shows that great people don’t have to be cold or overtly ‘above’ anyone else to be great, and that empathy or understanding is more than possible.

With this advice, we hope you can more readily take inspiration from figures that exhibit the virtues you find most appealing, without having to compromise on your own principles.


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