Watch D’Prince and Wizkid’s Bootyful So Nice Video

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July of 2017 saw an overdue comeback from D’Prince on So Nice featuring Wizkid. The song is nice. The beat is catchy. The lyrics are meh. September of 2017 saw an anticipated release of the official dance video for So Nice NOT featuring D’Prince or Wizkid.

Even though it is usually used to show significant difference or comparison in a video, (which was not the case here), the juxtaposition in the video is a nice touch. It is surely useful in keeping your eyes glued to the screen while you scurry to find the slight difference between both screens.

The video (directed by Alexx A.) is easy on the eyes with not too much action, asides of course from the quivering buttocks left, right and center. The 5 troublemakers are evidently proving that their bodies really are so nice.

As usual, we live for the little moments in cinematography where sound and action achieve perfect synchrony, like when the dancer in the first few seconds of the video strides perfectly to the beat. So Nice.

Watch below.