Dr Dolor teams up with Slimcase and Broda Shaggi for potential street hit ‘Bush Man’

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As Dr. Dolor Entertainment continues to climb up the ladder of fame and exposure with Teni as the label’s anchor, it’s only normal that it seeks to ride this heightened platform. Dr. Dolor himself teams up with Slimcase and Broda Shaggi for the Afrobeat hinged single, Bush Man .

The acoustics driven single serves as his sophomore effort and an indicator of just how far Dr. Dolor is willing to take his music interest. While the entire track is powered by Slimcase’s street vocabulary and Broda Shaggi’s not-so-interesting antics spread over typical Afrobeat instrumentals, Dr. Dolor shares sparse words to remind us of his presence on the track.

Bush Man is no contender for his debut single; Rambo, but it’s likely to serve as another rung on the ladder to the top for him.


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