DRB LasGidi Travel To Dystopian Universe In Video For ‘Trouble’

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DRB Lasgidi’s comeback album, Pioneers is a movie with a plot that majorly highlights their evolution over the course of a decade, this theme and structure form the foundation of the video for Trouble, the Tems assisted standout track off the twelve-track project.

The Ademola Falomo directed video is a congregation of many factors synonymous with the group’s cohesive brand and the song’s underlying meaning. Starting with it’s ties to some of their signatures, the melodramatic video keys into their pillar of unity. Their movement as a unit affected by the reality of living in the chaos stemming from their relationships and personas as troublemakers in the video keys into the album’s inspiration. The dystopian universe Ademola Falomo’s creativity affords them also speaks to Trouble’s true meaning.

It’s 2020 and as Pioneers of a movement that has given us a fine crop of nonconforming artists, DRB has to lead the way. The quirky video for Trouble is proof that they still have a strong grip on inspiring levels of creativity.

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