DRB Team Up With Odunsi For Must-Listen Trap Record ‘Necessary’

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As a late 90s baby, the latter years of my time in high school were filled with fresh and unconventional sounds from the new school kids, frontlined by groups not limited to DRB comprising Teezee, BOJ and Fresh L who served us with timeless hits including Toyin and Cruella, all of which were recently put in an Album titled DRB10 to commemorate the group’s decennial anniversary.

Hot on the heels of the DRB10 release and a day before their eponymously titled rave, they teamed up with Odunsi (The Engine) for a mellow trap inspired single titled Necessary in which they get conversational over GMK’s eclectic mix of resonating 808s and reverberating synths. The trio save for BOJ who delivers the closing verse in his usual gruff vocals, project their parts in new lights.

It’s taken us ten years to witness Fresh L’s acclaimed glorious flow and the way it meshes with Teezee giving leeway to BOJ to come through in a psychedelic manner, is proof of how far the group has come and how branching out individually has polished their sounds.

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