Drizilik Links Up With Idris Elba On New Single, ‘Ashobi’

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Drizilik Idris Elba Ashobi

Sierra Leone’s Drizilik joins forces with one of the biggest names from the nation’s diaspora, Idris Elba, on the energetic Afro-pop jam and fun-loving track, Ashobi. It follows Popular, Drizilik’s recent joint single with Ramoni. Drizilik taps Idris Elba for the new single Ashobi which was premiered on the 4th of August by Elba’s 7Wallace label.

Blending traditional sounds with fresh, modern energy, Ashobi is an intoxicating combination of punchy drums, charming accordion and rousing vocals. It comes just after a set of performances in Cyprus and Freedom Festival, Hull.

Drizilik is a performing artist whose ability to wax poetic on hip hop and Afrobeats with equal mastery has earned him the title of ‘Sierra Leone’s king of new school music’. His clever use of Krio euphemisms and metaphors on his 2018 debut album Shukubly made him a breakout star, and he won ‘Album of the Year’, ‘Best Afro Hip Hop Artiste of The Year’, ‘Male Artist of the Year’, and ‘Best Live Performer’ at the 2019 National Entertainment Awards.

One of the most sought-after actors in the globe, Idris Elba juggles a blossoming music career with his massive acting career. Elba’s biggest tracks include Girl With The Bat, Apple Crumble and global smash Boasty. More recently, Idris Elba has teamed up with the likes of Davido, Koffee, Lil Tjay, and The Fanatix on the monster collab Vroom, while his 7Wallace imprint continues to provide a platform for established talents, having released music from Che Lingo, Q-Tip, Cypress Hill, Little Simz, Toddla T and Chip.

Speaking about working with Idris Elba, Drizilik says; “Collaborating with Idris on this song is a major creative validation. Freetown is experiencing a musical revival that fuses our culture with popular music—Ashobi is a perfect example of this fusion—Milo Jazz meets Afrobeats. Idris is a multi-hyphenate—artist, producer, actor, and DJ. If he says a song is hot, it’s hot! To have him on the Ashobi means both the song and Freetown’s music revival are legit.”

He continues to say; “Ashobi is an invitation to the world to get down and dance. And for Sierra Leoneans soon as they hear it, they’ll hear the culture. Ashobi is about to be the official soundtrack for celebrations from parties to weddings. If you’re wearing Ashobi, play the Ashobi.”

Listen to Ashobi here and watch the fresh & crisp Ashobi visuals below:

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