Duncan Mighty’s Comeback Miekeraso is standard fare

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This year has witnessed the sonic renaissance of Duncan Mighty’s highlife sound which came years after he dropped off the surface of the mainstream  music industry. In more ways than one, when Wizkid tapped him for one of the biggest songs of the year, he was influencing our industry; a feature that led to an onslaught of chart topping features and an awakening of Duncan Mighty’s sound giant.

Months ago, after hopping from sound to sound, delivering that special southern spice the young generation has become acclimatized to, he teased a more personal comeback via his instagram profile. A comeback he delivers today in a Spellz produced jazzed up, highlife clouded track titled Miekeraso which finds him emotively going over lines amplified by synthesized Saxophones fused with rhythmic snares, about his reciprocated intense feelings for the track’s muse.

Miekeraso is a standard Duncan Mighty effort and though it runs along the lines of his usual offering over the past decade, it is as interesting as we would expect.


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