Dunnie Gets Real On Debut Album Precursor ‘Mosafejo’

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Following her collaboration with Busiswa and the success of the Oxlade-assisted Overdose, Dunnie is back with a new single titled Mosafejo. Written by Dunnie, the amapiano inspired record is about finding love in hopeless places.

2021 has been an interesting year for the artist-producer as she’s been hard at work on her forthcoming debut album and with Mosafejo as the lead single, we witness a concentration of passion and dedication. The core of the AndroFlexin produced single, is the intoxicating combination of galvanic snares and Dunnie’s smooth vocals, articulating a slew of catchy metaphors that will have listeners on the same otherworldly plane as the singer.

Over the fast-paced instrumental, Dunnie not only lets her lover in on her intentions, but she draws her listeners into this dimension where her voice triggers nostalgia from her beginnings and also, speaks to a future already deemed interesting, going by her run as a singer, songwriter, and producer with singles like Overdose and Mosafejo giving credibility to this.

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