Dunnie Is An Elite Vocalist, Lover Girl And Fine storyteller On Self Produced ‘Overdose’

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Dunnie is high on the list of promising artists to come out of Nigeria with her encompassing talent, fierce passion, and the constant precision of her presentation. Months ago, we witnessed her blossom on Ejoya Music’s Class Of ’20 project, wielding her production and singing skills as weapons of attack and defense. She comes in full throttle this month, basking in the calm and affirming goodness of solo performance on Overdose, the first single off her upcoming project aptly titled I.

On Overdose, Dunnie is an elite vocalist, a lover girl, and a fine storyteller, fusing all of these features to create a love-driven persona that articulates the sweet narrative over a sprightly mix of percussions highlighted by a range of drums that gives the single a rhythmic factor.

As a love manifesto and lead single, Overdose is just what Dunnie needs to win.

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