Economic growth under GEJ was fake news.

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As every day goes by, new information comes to light that leads us to sing praises that we voted Goodluck Jonathan out in 2015. The latest stream of information suggests that the economic growth Nigeria was said to have recorded from 2010-2014 was all fake news.

According to Nigeria Economic Society President and World Bank consultant, Olu Ajakaiye the growth recorded over GEJ’s time as president was fictitious because of the fact that it resulted from the government’s pouring of oil revenue into the economy.

Ajakaiye, who made these claims while serving as the keynote speaker at the 2017 edition of The Bullion Lecture organised by the Centre for Financial Journalism went on to suggest that at the centre of the Buhari government’s policies must be a desire to develop the country above all else by any means possible.

Source: Herald NG

Picture Credit: Ventures Africa

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