Eeskay’s Punchlines Are Metaphors For His Life On Zilla Oaks-Assisted ‘Hooligan’

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Adopting experimentalism and talent as the force that drives their uniqueness in the industry, Nigerian hip-hop artists are on the rise with a mission to blend with and even take over the industry.

Abuja is home to a myriad of these artists and among them is rising, genre-bending rap talent Eeskay who enlists the witty Zilla Oaks on his latest Ucee-produced melody titled Hooligan.

Delivering a solid one-two punch reminiscent of greats like Shaq, Hooligan serves as a reflection of Eeskay’s delinquent tendencies. His constant reference to him deserving ‘more chains’ than he has already is a perfect symbolic representation of his desire to go after all that is owed to him and more.

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