Efe Oraka’s Debut ‘Magic’ Is A Cogent Convoy Of Emotions

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Efe Oraka’s palpable poise and tenacity are the strongholds that support the release of her highly anticipated debut, Magic, a six-track fusion of showy declarations of love articulated using the sweet vocals and melting cadence that lit up on our radars during her social media heydays as a teen sensation talented enough to capture Jon Bellion’s attention.

Oraka is her own person now and rooted in the numerous covers she released years ago, she blossoms into a vocal powerhouse, adept storyteller, and love whisperer even as her relationships take center stage on the seven tracks that make up Magic.

Love to many can be likened to utopia. It’s on the basis of this analogy, Oraka curates the likes of percussion perfect intro, Magic, Wonderland, Comfort Food and the Tay Iwar assisted Love Galatic.

Magic is a coming of age piece that not only introduces Oraka as a grown woman rooted in her own stories and sounds but a lover, experiencing emotions in new facets that inspire the corny convoy that is Magic. A long time coming, Magic is a worthy debut that does so much more in familiarizing the world with the intricacies of Oraka’s mind than her earlier works.