Efya And Tiwa Savage Are Charged Up In Video For ‘The One’

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Months after she united the west by way of Tiwa Savage feature on her sultry comeback hit, The One, Efya circles back to her emotion embellished narrative and returns with a mix of retro-themed sceneries that fortifies the singles already engaging narrative.

With directorial assistance from DMW’s resident videographer, Dami Twitch, Efya donned in the 70s themed clothing along with Tiwa Savage whose antics are reminiscent of a Diana Ross performance, sweep through glamorous backdrops in a bid to entice the lovers they’re dolled up for.

The video not only serves as an outlet for their emotions but it is also an indication of the transcendent nature of music, one that disregards cultural differences and brings artists together in whatever circumstance.

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