Ejoya Music Amasses A Wealth Of Talent On Debut Joint Album ‘Class Of ’20, Vol. 1’

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The paradigm shift from the labels who wield the powers to do and undo in the industry to startups and individually run record labels, streaming and distribution platforms has allowed for the uprising of the industry’s underdogs which has, in turn, opened the gateway to the experimental music, a source that has proven to produce exquisite sounds. Ejoya Music is one of the parallel brands that in recent times has shined the light on the budding and obscure. Now, this month, in a cutting edge move, they amass a wealth of talent on a joint project titled Class of ’20, Vol. 1 which features their a-list stars.

The 12 track album features a number of new and upcoming acts in the Nigerian music space like Jinmi Abduls, Buju, Mojo, Suté, Dunnie, Damayo, Fasina, Minz among others. Prior to the project’s release, Mind Games powered by fast-rising Buju and Selense by the versatile Damayo, Yusufkanbai, and Emo Grae were released to hint their audience on what to expect from the project and going by the excellent delivery, it’s safe to say these tracks were insufficient in setting the tone for life Class of ’20, Vol. 1.

The album gives an experience of creative diversity and communal brilliance infused with a truckload of team spirit which fosters the easy fusion of varying sounds and allows for ease of transformation. The harmonic blend of all forms of Afrocentric music presented as Afro-pop, Afro-beat, Afrofusion among others sets it apart from the very few similar projects that exist in the Nigerian music industry.

According to the team, the idea behind the Class of ’20, Vol. 1 project was to inspire and build on the culture of creative co-existence by bringing together some of the best upcoming acts in the music industry on a music project, a move that proves to not only be successful but revolutionary.