Ejoya Music’s Soulaar releases debut single, ‘Bam Bam’

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Ejoya Soulaar Bam Bam

Lagos based music technology company Ejoya Music who have been at the helm of championing and spotlighting upcoming talents recently did a rebrand which came with an addition of new services to their already boisterous roster. Ejoya Music also announced the first talent from their artist development program, Soulaar who has just released his debut single, Bam Bam.

On his thoughts and feelings about the song, Soulaar took to his social media to say “It’s surreal to finally be putting out my debut single, and I hope you love and enjoy listening to it as much as I did making it.” The track which features a distinct beat with an infectious melody has Soulaar pouring out his heart which makes you think he’s the certified lover boy Drake was referring to on his album.


With a single listen to Bam Bam, you can tell Soulaar and Ejoya Music took their time to perfect the release of the track. Soulaar is not just an incredible singer, but he also displays some poetic inclination with his lyrics and energy. He successfully captures wanton emotion and boyhood dreams of finding true love in a world where money controls human affection.

You can hear the passion in Soulaar’s voice as he starts off the record singing “Bambambila she’s a killer bloody sinner. She wants me to feel her feel her feel her feel her feel her. Cause she don see a real nigga with the mula, now she go feel a real nigga with the mula. Inna the bedroom she’s a screamer screamer screamer,” which provides a leeway to double down and go nuts on the next verse. Approaching the end of the track, Soulaar introduces a more reclined energy as he sings “And if you need something, and if you need something, I got you. And if you’re missing something, and if you’re missing something, I’ll find you.”

Bam Bam was produced by XtremeTheProducer who is also responsible for its mixing and mastering. Additional engineering was done by Hoodini and we have Kodi to hold responsible for the project’s artwork.

Stream Bam Bam below:

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