Episode 20 of F&S Uncensored is a Reminder That “We Rise By Lifting Others”

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Feyikemi and Simi Badiru are emphasizing on the popular quote which doubles as the title of the latest episode of their F and S Uncensored podcast, We Rise By Lifting Others.

Kicking off the 46 minute long podcast, Feyikemi is intrigued by our exclusive GMK feature, while stressing on the need to pay attention to the music industry’s unsung creatives and to prioritize chronicling the science behind music making. They also touch on DJ Xclusive and his recent releases which they both perceived as underwhelming. Feyikemi thinks the seasoned disk jockey needs to either go back to the drawing board or hang it up as a lot of thoughts are not being put into these releases.

Simi and Feyikemi are however not impressed by the ubiquity of musicians lately, advising that there are other spaces to take up within the music ecosystem. Right after relishing on Mr Eazi and Burna Boy’s Coachella debut over the last two weekends, the duo delved into the concert culture in Nigeria. Feyikemi singled her resentment towards concerts in Nigeria lately which is due to the lineups of virtually every concert being monotonous.

Listen to Episode 20 of F&S Uncensored below:

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