Eritrean R&B Singer Wauve Returns With New Single ‘Wanna Know’ Featuring Gideonite & Sevn Alias

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23-year-old Robeal Yohannes, popularly known as Wauve (pronounced Wah-ve) has been making waves within the rapidly growing R&B space, particularly in the UK. He recently dropped his new single titled Wanna Know, featuring Ghanaian/Dutch producer Gideonite and fellow Dutch rapper Sevn Alias.

Adopting his East African heritage within his music, Wauve aims to successfully merge Afrobeats which reminds him of his roots and R&B which is a genre he grew up with and is inspired by. The melodic jam is a great song to bop your head to this summer.

Speaking on the featured artists, Wauve says: “I teamed up with Gideonite on the production and rapper Sevn because I was looking for a sound that could resonate with a wider range of listeners, you have a bit of that Dutch influence from the guys, those Afrobeat instrumentals, along with my London accent – it just all works perfectly!”

Following his debut full-length mixtape ‘Street Serenade’ (which can be described as a heartfelt ode to the streets he grew up in), and known for his unique mix of R&B-infused afrobeat sound, Wauve is working towards having a summer full of brand new releases and interesting features. Already, his independently released summer anthem Vogue has gained over 2 million streams across platforms and a top 10 spot on the Spotify UK viral chart.

And now with Wanna Know, the young artist gives listeners a blend of Afropop melodies, catchy lyrics and clean-cut accompanying visuals for an all-round enjoyable listening experience.


Check out the song and video below:

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