Erykah Badu Takes Centre Stage on Debut Playlist From Culture Custodian’s Capsule Series

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At Culture Custodian, we’re all about putting on and appreciating those who helped to revolutionize the culture ad put the continent on. In our playlist series, The Culture Custodian Capsule Series, we pay homage to music legends that continue to show love and tap into their African heritage. In our first installment we rediscover Miss Badu whose adopted surname ‘Badu’ has a West African pedigree, being a suffix reserved for a 10th-born child among the Akan people of Ghana.

Reboot with Erykah Badu aka Badoula Oblongata; aka Sara Bellum; aka Annie the Alchemist; aka DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown; aka The Analog Girl in a Digital World, now available on all streaming platforms.

Listen on Apple Music.

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