Everything Luddy: Get Personal With Afro-Hybrid Star, Luddy Dave

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With his debut EP set to drop soon, we asked the fast-rising music star, Luddydave some questions to get to know him better. We also get a feel of his music journey so far, as well as his future aspirations. 

How did you come about the name Luddy Dave?

The name Luddydave was derived from the combination of my real name David Lucky.

Did music happen by chance for you or you’ve always wanted to be a music star?

I was born into a family of music lovers so music didn’t happen by chance for me. I grew up in an environment where there was lots of music so I became involved with music at a very young age, becoming a leader in my local church choir at the age of 8. So, it is safe to say that I have always known that music was my calling.

Describe your music journey so far?

My music journey has been amazing and at the same time challenging. It hasn’t been a smooth sail so far but I’m weathering the storm and remain committed to making the most of my music career.

What are the expectations from your music career? 

Nothing makes me happier than seeing people blessed through my music. It is a common saying that there is power in music and I’m a firm believer in that gospel. I expect to go as far as possible in my career, push through barriers and set new frontiers for the next generation of musicians. 

How did you come about the music style Afro-Hybrid and what’s the inspiration behind your music?

Afro-hybrid is a combination of all afro vibes. I draw inspiration for my music from humanity. The need to preach and show love to others is what fuels my music. I’m a preacher of love and I spread this message to encourage people.

If you weren’t making music, what other career option would you most likely be pursuing?  

I’m a graduate of electrical electronics so if not music, I most likely would be practicing my course of study.

What was your experience like growing up?

Growing up was tough, to be honest. Life is in phases so I’m grateful that I went through that phase because it prepared me for now. The lessons have proven useful as I pass through other life phases but I’m still learning. 

Your upcoming project, what can the fans expect?

I wouldn’t want to give much away yet but all I can say now is that they can expect nothing but amazing sound and vibes. I have a couple of singles out currently that are doing great and I want to raise the bar a few notches higher with my next project which drops soon.

Describe Luddy Dave in one sentence

Man of the people and preacher of love.

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