Explainer: What’s Going On Between MohBad and the Marlian Crew?

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Nigerian singer, Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, better known as Mohbad has alleged that he was assaulted by his management team after he demanded a change of manager. The street-hop sensation, who released a new single Peace last month, posted clips of the alleged assault he suffered at the hands of the Marlian Crew after he made the request which obviously didn’t sit well with some members of his label.

How did the whole thing start?

Mohbad shared very sad and graphic clips of his bloody body (back) which he claimed were a result of the assault he suffered at the hands of the Marlian Crew following the request he made for a change of his manager who happens to be a member of the Marlian family and the recent assault is a result of the existing issues. Mohbad took to his Twitter page to share the videos of the results of the assault on him with the caption “Just because I want to change my manager who is their brother, see what they did to me at Marlian House.”

Mohbad’s Twitter outcry 

In an attempt to ensure that the latest issues aren’t blamed on drugs Mohbad tweeted “I’m not high oo cos that what Dey always say just to die down everything” with yet another video of his bruised body. “Please help me. I’m dying inside,” Mohbad tweeted as he further shared recordings of a skirmish between him and a member of the Marlian crew as he calls for help.

“World pls help me oo I’m dying inside,” Mohbad tweeted in another post that has drawn sympathy as well as anger from fans over the senselessness of the assault on Mohbad and bewilderment that it had to degenerate into this. There have been some concerns about Mohbad’s use of drugs and previous misunderstandings between himself and the Marlian Crew to which he was signed have been blamed on his alleged propensity for high drug usage.

It is crucial to remember that Mohbad was arrested by the NDLEA for drug possession and a clip of him and members of the Marlian group smoking on the street was posted online.

The outcome of the assault 

Mohbad headed to the hospital following the assault, and has revealed through his Twitter account that he was there for a CT Scan for head impact and chest X-ray as a result of the assault. He also used the opportunity to reinstate the public that he was clear in his mind and not intoxicated when he went for the meeting at the Marlian House.

Naira Marley’s response to the allegations 

Reacting to the allegations made by Mohbad, Naira Marley has described the incident as a “family affair.” The singer, who addressed the issue in an Instagram live video, alleged that Mohbad was probably “high” (drunk) whilst he made the allegations. He said, “If Mohbad didn’t do a video on that, I wouldn’t even bother explaining because it is not something big, it’s a family issue. Obviously, he (Mohbad) is not in his right sense.”

“It is obvious he is not in the right state of mind.” Marley continued. “Because why will I touch Mohbad or allow anyone to touch Mohbad? I don’t even know how to explain it but obviously, in the group chat, he said he wants to change his manager probably because he (Mohbad) and his manager are having some argument but the manager is not my brother and I don’t know what he (Mohbad) is probably saying. But, obviously, he’s probably high. But when he’s back in his right sense, he will explain himself and apologise as usual.”

Naira Marley has also taken to his Twitter account to share that, “Mohbad has a history of getting intoxicated which affects his emotions and actions. However, all issues would be resolved amicably within the record label.” However, Mohbad has dismissed Naira Marley’s claims and says that “this isn’t the first time.”

What is the public saying?

Members of the public have used this opportunity to share their thoughts on Mohbad and Zinoleesky being signed to Marlian Music. Many have expressed that Mohbad and Zino are super talented and under a better management would be far more successful than they currently are. Some have called for Mohbad and Zino to exit the label as soon as possible while others have shared their disappointment with Naira Marley and the whole situation.