Ezi Emela preaches Sensuality in the ‘Gabriel’ video

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Off her recently released 3-Track EP: Lost Files, UK Based Singer: Ezi Emela who lives her life outside the box of what’s expected from a Nigerian musician shares the video for Gabriel: the grand finale to a lengthy and segregated narrative rooted in her misgivings of love and self discovery.

In an effort to match the mood inducing nature of the psychedelic infused soundscape of 808s and spacey synths that give credence to her plea for love, Ezi Emela flaunts her more sensual side in the warm themed video. As she goes through the lyrics that allude her thirst for more in her relationship with the track’s muse, she matches this thirst with mysterious hazy aesthetics in slow motion dictated by a French worded mantra “l’art de la seduction vous laissera impuissant” which translates to “the art of seduction will leave you impotent.

Once again, Ezi Emela has proven that she’s not the type to go with the flow but what she wants instead and its interesting to watch.