Falana’s ‘Repeat’ delivers a powerful and uplifting message

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With each intermission between releases, Falana has continued to prove that her vocals and style of music delivery aren’t the only elements of her brand that are in unboxable ranges. It’s become quite obvious that her perceived laidback attitude is not a reflection of her attitude towards her sound but an interpretation of the quality of each of her releases. If you’ve been paying attention, you would have realized that the longer she stays away, the more refreshing she sounds when she comes back which is particularly reflected on her latest release, the alluring Repeat.

Released as a prelude to her forthcoming album and accompanied by a retro themed video projected in her signature style of performance, Falana captures the nitty-gritty of her desire to live a self-assured life; a message she mirrors in the video which is shot in time loops.

Besides the return of the quick drums, snares that project an ominous ambiance and an obvious evolution, Falana remains the same and her ability to mix all these contradictory features makes for great elements of anticipation of the coming EP; Chapter One which will be released on the 29th of March.


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