Falana Offers Soulful Take On Police Brutality On ‘Teletele’

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One of Falana’s most appreciated signatures is the soulfulness of her songs and the depth reached to, in turn, touch the core of her listeners. Her style often appraised as unique is proof of this, coupled with the richness of her sound derived from raw instrumentals. She’s been away from the scene for a while, which is not uncommon to the soul train driver but she hasn’t lost her Midas touch. Her latest, Teletele, is a combination of these elements that make her special, sensitivity, and nativity.

Inspired by the #EnSARS protests that occupied Nigeria in October, Teletele, is a beautiful and powerful protest song that targets police brutality. Released initially just as an Instagram video, it’s also a knee jerk reaction native to a myriad of youth who turned to their different specialties to raise their voices against police brutality. This urgency is evident in her raw dispensation of emotions.

On her inspiration, Falana says “On October 21, in a state of helplessness, I wrote a song, to process shock, pain, disappointment, and fear. Initially, I did not have the intention to record it, but the response and the message resonated so strongly with people on social media that I felt if I did not, I would be ignoring our most fundamental duty as artists, to reflect the times.”

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